Tilt Sensor Garage Door – Cryptix Compatible Tilt (Individually)

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Tilt Sensor Garage Door – Cryptix Compatible Tilt (Individually)


The RE606 is a CryptiX-encrypted, wireless tilt sensor to monitor the lifting or tilting of anything that moves. It is typically used to secure hatches, roll-up doors and even movable assets. The RE606 sends an alarm when tilted more than 45 degrees from the mounting position. The cover of the RE606 has a tamper that will alarm when opened, and sends a supervisory signal every hour. To enroll the RE606, all you have to do is place the panel in enrollment mode and tamper the device.

Product Features:

  • Triggers at approx. 30 degrees tilt
  • Monitors any lifting or tilting door, or equipment movement
  • Mount vertically in non-alarm position
  • Strong, reliable RF signal
  • 10-15 year battery life on CR123A battery
  • Low Battery indication
  • Alarm for anything that tilts
  • Useful for hatches, roll-up doors and even moveable assets
  • Cover tamper

  • Dimensions: 3.3 x 1.4 x 1.1 inches
  • Tilt Alarm Angle: 45 degrees ± 15 degrees upwards cone
  • Tilt Operation Angles: 0 degrees (straight up) to 90 degrees (flat)
  • Tilt Element Technology: Ball and contacts, non-mercury
  • Operational Life: 100,000 cycles
  • Mounting hardware: #4 or #6 screws
  • Replacement Battery: CR123A 1550 mAH
  • Temperature Range: 0°F to 120°F

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