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Plug In Siren


The RE616 is a CryptiX-encrypted, wireless alarm siren for the Helix security panel. Add up to eight (8) wireless RE616 sirens around your home or business. The RE616 is designed to alert nearby individuals with an adjustable 85dB of sound of any emergency event.

Product Features:

  • For use with Helix platform
  • LEDs follow arming status and trouble conditions from Control Panel
  • Remote Wireless Siren
  • Communicates over the Cryptix link
  • Siren cadence synchronized to panel
  • Adjustable status volume
  • Automatically follows panel beep volume
  • Wall-powered, with backup power on CR123A battery
  • Helix supports up to 8 Sirens
  • Can use multiple Sirens on the panel
  • Cover tamper
  • Low Battery indication
  • Unparalleled wireless range

  • Dimensions: 3 x 4 x 1.25 inches
  • Supervisory Time: 64-68 minutes
  • Alarm Patterns: Follows panel Siren ON/OFF Directly, Shortest ON pulse: 250 ms, Shortest OFF Pulse: 250 ms
  • Alarm Sound Intensity: 85dB, minimum, at 1m
  • Receiver: Dual antenna diversity
  • Electrical Connection: US 2-prong Electrical outlet blades
  • Mounting hardware: Secure with outlet plate mounting screw – break off mounting tab in Canada
  • Backup Battery Life: 48 hours cumulative, non-rechargeable
  • Back-up Battery: CR123A 1550 mAH
  • Temperature Range: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
  • Certification: Part 15 of the FCC rules

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