Alula Wireless Slimline Touchscreen White Alarm Keypad (for Connect+ Panel)


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Alula Wireless Slimline Touchscreen

Alula Wireless Slimline Touchscreen White Alarm Keypad (for Connect+ Panel)

The Slimline Touchpad doesn’t rest on its stylish curves alone, it controls every aspect of a modern security system, delivering an at-a-glance view of cameras, Z-Wave automation devices, and every intrusion and environmental sensor. You can make the entire system instantly available in record time, delivered on a vivid 7″ touchscreen. Slimline includes a wall mount and a premium tabletop stand, giving you more flexibility. Battery-backed with a direct wire option, speedy installations are standar and bring the system in full view. The toughest choice may be what touchpad color best matches the décor.



  • Upgrade old systems with new control interface
  • Direct-wired with battery-backup
  • Add audible zone status and z-wave alerts to any security panel
  • 7-inch color capacitive touchscreen
  • Real-time system status
  • View and control cameras, answer video doorl, review clips, set as favorites to the dashboard
  • 12V direct wire and 110V plug-in options with provided transformer, battery-backed
  • Includes wall mount and tabletop stand
  • Black or white color
  • 7.5″ W x 4.25″ T

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